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The Yankee Group projects that more than 40 million U.S. consumers will be using mobile banking by the end of 2012.

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According to a variety of research organizations, mobile banking is poised to explode, with more than 40 million U.S. consumers using the mobile channel by 2012.

As mobile banking becomes a part of our everyday lives, the growth of mobile marketing is projected to be similarly dramatic. More than any other channel, mobile marketing enables banks, credit unions and other financial institutions to precisely target consumers with customized and relevant offers.

Bank Companion has been specially designed as a mobile marketing platform that enables you to generate loyalty, acquire new customers, up-sell products and much more.

Bank Companion’s Mobile Marketing Features include …

Mobile Marketing
Campaign Management
A fully integrated dashboard enables you to create, manage, monitor, track and analyze marketing programs.
Database Marketing
Create programs based on age, income and other demographic segmentations.
SMS Texting
The ability to send targeted and relevant text messages to consumers at any time.
Rich Media Ads
Deliver 4-color flyers, postcards, ads and other promotional materials directly to the consumer via their mobile device.
Mobile Video
Use video to educate consumers on financial products and services – then link back to your website where they can sign-up or obtain further information.
Our specially-designed four color templates enable you to instantly create advertisements and marketing materials that can be delivered to consumers through either a mobile device or email, posted on your website, even printed out and distributed to your branch offices.
Social Media
Link consumers to your blog or social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc..
PURL for Partners
Promote partners and local businesses, then link consumers a personal landing page (PURL) where they can find special offers and discounts from each of these businesses.
Let consumers sign-up for loyalty and rewards programs, check their points and more.
Messages can be completely personalized to individuals or groups.
Special analytics and reports provide insight into your mobile marketing programs.