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The Yankee Group projects that more than 40 million U.S. consumers will be using mobile banking by the end of 2012.

Credit Unions

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Mobile Banking software for Banks, Credit Unions etc

ZSL’ s Mobile Banking Solution, Bank.Companion integrates seamlessly with Credit’s Unions existing system to offer a secure and convenient solution for their members. Credit Unions can take convenience and access to a new level by offering Mobile Banking to their members.

Using a web-enabled mobile device, your members will now have the ability to stay connected with their finances at the touch of their fingertips while on the go. The number of mobile phone subscribers that use their phones for mobile banking transactions will exceed 150 million globally by 2011, according to a new study by Juniper Research.

Mobile Banking allows members to check important information such as branch hours, branch locations around a zip code and up-to-the-minute interest and CD rates. These features are in addition to the ability to access their savings, checking and credit card accounts.

Benefits for your Members

  •  24/7 Access to your checking and checking account savings
  •  Up to date information to line of credit and loan
  •  Up to minute interest and CD Rates
  •  Transfer Funds from one account to another
  •  Mobile Bill Pay
  •  Check Balances and transaction history
  •  Make your credit card bills

Benefits for Credit Unions

  •  Increase customer satisfaction for increased member enrollment
  •  One touch alert system to mitigate identity theft and fraud losses
  •  Cost savings with reduced calls to call center
  •  New Avenues of revenue generation with push message marketing

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