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The Yankee Group projects that more than 40 million U.S. consumers will be using mobile banking by the end of 2012.

Mobile Banking for Banks and Credits Unions

Bank.Companion is an industry-leading mobile banking platform that enables Banks and Credit Unions to provide their customers with 24/7, anytime anywhere banking.

Mobile Banking offers convenience, control for customers and drastically reduced costs of servicing customers for banks and credit unions. Bank.Companion gives Banks and credit Unions the competitive edge to offer highly secure convenient banking to your customers and differentiate themselves from the rest.

Bank.Companion offers various channels of Mobile Banking to encourage maximum customer adoption. Channels include:

  • SMS
  • Browser based
  • Downloadable Application

Benefits for Bank Customers

  •  24/7 Access to your checking and checking account savings Up to date information to line of credit and loan
  •  Up to minute interest and CD Rates
  •  Transfer Funds from one account to another
  •  Mobile Bill Pay
  •  Check Balances and transaction history
  •  Make your credit card bills
  •  Nearby Branch and ATM details logging in

Benefits to Banks and Financial Institutions

  •  More than a Decade of International Experience with Banks and Financial Institutions Seamless Integration with Core Banking System
  •  Multi-Factor Authenticated Delivery Channels
  •  Live Monitoring of Banking Systems on a 24/7 basis
  •  One Touch Fraud Alert leading to mitigation of Fraud loss and Identity theft
  •  Support for Banks, Credit Unions and Financial Institutions of all Sizes
  •  Secure Trusted Transactions Benefit Banks, Business, and Consumers
  •  Convenient Access to Real-Time Information Reduces Call Center Expense
  •  Contact us for a Live Online Demo of Bank.Companion today